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Privacy Policy

Watts Gallery Trust is committed to protecting your privacy and being transparent about how we use your data. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully. This page, together with our website terms and conditions, tells you about how we collect, use and store your personal information.
We collect general statistical information about website visitors for general reporting.
We do not share or disclose your personal information to any third party for marketing or any other purposes.
1. Who we are Watts Gallery Trust is a registered charity (number 313612) and company Limited by Guarantee (company number 6147572). Our registered address is Down Lane, Compton, Surrey GU3 1DQ. 
2. How do we collect information? We may collect and store personal information about you when you get in contact with us e.g. by mail, email or over the phone. For example, when you make a donation, contact us with an enquiry or to request information, register for an event or activities, use our website or social media channels, or apply for a job or volunteering opportunity. If you use our services or make an enquiry about using them we will collect personal information usually face to face or over the phone and we may also receive information about you from third parties for a specific purpose– but only if you’ve given them permission to share your information. We also collect anonymised statistical information via Google Analytics, and the analytical tools of our Third Party platforms and Social Media accounts.
3. Why do we collect information? We need to collect personal details so we can respond appropriately to your contact with us. For example to make sure we can process your donation, thank you for your support or send you the information you have requested. We collect statistical information on our website, social media and emails to see how they are being used in order to improve our communications. For those who use our services, such as the Art for All Learning Programme, we need to collect your personal information to ensure we can provide you with the best support and to help improve our services for others.
4. What information do we collect? When you get in touch with us we may ask you for personal information. This can consist of but is not limited to: your name, email address, postal address, telephone or mobile number, bank account details to process donations and whether or not you are a tax payer so that we can claim Gift Aid.
We may collect information when you visit our website, depending on how you use it. We also monitor how people use our website so we can improve it. However, you can use our website without giving us any personal information and we won't know who you are.
If you visit our website without leaving your details we may however still record anonymised information about:  the areas of the website you visit  the amount of time you spend on the site  whether you are new to the site, or have visited it before  how you came to our website – for example, through an email link or a search engine  the type of computer, browser, network location and internet connection you use.  
We do this by using cookies; you can learn more about cookies in our cookie policy, below in section 12. 
Watts Gallery Trust may also use publicly available information to identify people who express an interest in giving major gifts to organisations like Watts Gallery Trust, or who may be interested in a high profile public association with Watts Gallery Trust. This information may include newspaper or other media coverage, open postings on social media sites such as LinkedIn, and data from Companies' House. Where an individual enters into such a relationship with Watts Gallery Trust they will have a nominated account manager who will agree with the individual any sensitivities they may have with regard to any personal information which Watts Gallery Trust may hold on them. Watts Gallery Trust will not retain data relating to major supporters unless the individual provides their consent, which will be sought at the earliest practical opportunity.
5. How we use your information Watts Gallery Trust will only use your information lawfully and personal details will only be used to provide you with information you would reasonably expect or have agreed to. 
We will use your information to ensure that we can fulfil any requests you make for information or services, for example to process and thank you for your donation or to keep you updated with the information you requested about our activities. 
We will also use your information for internal record keeping and to contact you about any content you provide. Where you have given consent - for example through online or paper forms or face to face though engagement with our fundraisers - we will use your information for marketing purposes. 
From time to time we use your information for profiling, targeting and research purposes so that our communications to you are as appropriate and cost effective as possible. 
We use the statistical information to improve the services and information we offer, by providing insights into what content, activities and communications styles are most popular or useful to visitors. The information we collect from our learning participants is used to provide them with the services they’ve requested or the support they need. 
6. Is my information shared with anyone? We will not sell or share your personal information with other organisations who can contact you so or except where we are required to by law.  
We may only pass on data to specific suppliers or professional agents working on our behalf. We only do this where there are agreements in place over how your data will be used and the third parties have no right to use or store your data for any other purpose than that specified by us. 
7. How do we keep your information safe? We take all appropriate measures to ensure any personal information is kept secure. Personal information stored electronically is kept on secured servers with limited access from appropriate staff.
On our website the payment and events booking pages are via our accounts with Digitickets and payment processing by Card (Worldpay). Our online shop payments are processed by Shopify, and donations are processed via PayPal. These forms use encryption to ensure that the information is encrypted. SSL is a more secure form of transmission to send data across the internet. As you will need to enter personal data into Digitickets for purchases online, visit the company’s website to view their own Privacy Policy. Where you set or change your data preferences on Digitickets, Watts Gallery Trust will aim to comply with your request within one month.
Please note that while we have taken every appropriate measure to secure your data, transmission of information over the Internet is never 100% secure so while we take all possible precautions, we can’t 100% guarantee the security of any information you submit to us via our website.
8. Do we store your donation or payment details? We do not keep the card payment details of any donations from our website or if you make a
donation with a credit or debit card via post or phone. We process these payments via our WorldPay or SagePay accounts and do not keep a record of your card details which make the payment.
What we do keep a record of is how much you donated, the date it was donated, you name and contact details so we can send you a receipt and make sure we have your correct donation amount, in case you have an enquiry about your donations at a later date and to claim gift aid if you have given us a Gift Aid declaration.
9. How can you update, correct, or delete your personal information? The accuracy of your information is really important to us. We want to ensure that we are able to communicate with you in ways that you are happy with, and to provide you with information that is of interest. If you wish to change how we communicate with you, including opting out of future marketing communications, or update the information we hold, then please contact us: Mail: Development Team, Down Lane, Compton, Surrey GU3 1DQ Email: developmentassistant@wattsgallery.org.uk Phone:  01483 813 583
To stop receiving emails from us please contact the Development Team using the above, or use unsubscribe@wattsgallery.org.uk or you can unsubscribe from any email updates by using the unsubscribe link.  
Please note: If you make a donation, take part in a campaign activity or request information online you will receive a one-off transactional email about that activity for your records.
Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. As an independent museum we suggest a donation of £10 to help us process information requests and require you to prove your identity with two pieces of approved identification.
Please address requests and questions about this, any other question about this Privacy Policy or complaints, to the Data Protection Officer, Watts Gallery Trust, Down Lane, Compton, Surrey GU3 1DQ. 
10. How long will Watts Gallery Trust keep my personal information? We will check with you every 3 years on the accuracy of the information we hold on you and your preferences. 
We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the relevant activity, for example we will keep a record of donations for at least seven years.
If you request that we stop sending you marketing materials we will keep a record of your contact details and appropriate information to enable us to comply with your request not to be contacted by us.
Legacy income is vital to the running of the charity. We may keep data you provide to us indefinitely, to carry out legacy administration and communicate effectively with the families of people leaving us legacies. This also enables us to identify and analyse the source of legacy income we receive.
11. Changes to Watts Gallery Trust's Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time so you may wish to check it each time you submit personal information to Watts Gallery Trust. The date of the most recent revisions will appear on this page. If you do not agree to these changes, please do not continue to use the Watts Gallery Trust website to submit personal information to Watts Gallery Trust. If material changes are made to the Privacy Policy we will notify you by placing a prominent notice on the website.
What are cookies?   Cookies are tiny text files which websites use a method of storing information in your browser. They function primarily to measure and improve the quality of the site through analysing visitor behaviour, to personalise pages and remember visitor preferences. They also manage shopping carts in online stores and track people across websites to deliver targeted advertising. The cookie law is a privacy legislation, which was adopted by all EU countries in May 2011 and requires websites to obtain consent from visitors in order to store or retrieve any information on a computer or other web connected devices. Before this law was implemented, websites were able to store this information without prior consent, however it is now compulsory for websites to seek permission for the use of cookies and allow visitors to remove or block cookies.
Certain cookies are persistent, meaning that they last beyond your session, enabling an enhanced user-experience when you return to the site.  For example the option to “Remember my username” when signing-in to the site.
Watts Gallery Trust’s website uses cookies to help you in your interactions with the site. Most cookies are session cookies, lasting only for the duration of your visit and are deleted when you close your browser.  Watts Gallery cookies do not store sensitive information such as personallyidentifiable contact or payment details, but simply allow us to view visitor statistics. 
Examples of the sort of information that is collected via session cookies are provided below. This list is not exhaustive:  The last search term that you used within the site  Your preference in terms of accessible viewing options  A unique ID to track your session from page to page, which is vitally important should you sign into the site  Which page you are looking at within a multi-paged index of content, or search results.   You can change the settings in your web browser to decide whether or not to allow cookies from individual sites. Here’s information about how to do that.
Click here for further information on how to manage cookies
If you'd like to opt out of cookies, please go to the Network Advertising Initiative website.
 If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics across all websites there is a free tool you can add to your internet browser which allows you to do this.
From time to time, we may embed external content from third-party websites (e.g. Facebook, YouTube) within our website. These websites may utilise cookies and the Privacy Policy that will apply to such third-party content will be that published on the website of that third-party content provider.
These cookies enable the function of Google Analytics and help us to analyse visitor information such as browser usage, visitor numbers, and response to marketing which helps us to improve the user experience on our website. Google Analytics is free software which helps charities and other organisations to collect anonymous information about how their website is used. The cookie contains no personally-identifiable information, but it does use your computer’s IP address to determine where in the world you are accessing the site from, and to track your page visits within the site. The data stored by these cookies are accessible only by the relevant teams at Watts Gallery and Google, who do not store or disclose confidential information.

 Click here to read more about Google's cookies 
This cookie allows us to determine if your browser has Java Script Enabled. By understanding this, we can deliver relative content to your browser such as slideshows and interactive maps. This cookie does not store any personal information or enable us to identify you.
This is a unique session cookie that enables us to distinguish anonymous users from logged in users. This cookie does not store any personal information or enable us to identify you.
By using the Watts Gallery website you agree to accept the Watts Gallery cookie policy and take responsibility for making your own arrangements to modify your web browser.
Watts Gallery may make alterations to the cookie policy and it is your responsibility to check this policy on a regular basis.
Please note that we're not responsible for the content of external websites.
If you have any queries about our privacy policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Watts Gallery Trust, Down Lane, Compton, Surrey GU3 1DQ. 
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